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24 hour's response

Guaranteed lead time with penalty clause

One-stop solution with moderate price

5-10 years product warranty

Factory audit and products inspection


"I understand Peter and I value our cooperation, and I must say that working with you is a real pleasure and a blessed change from the past. You give me wonderful service and replies, and it is excellent and helps my work a lot.
Reliability, quality, service, and friendship, you are very good at all this, therefore I have chosen to work with you as you have seen in recent years."



"Dear S, Following our conversation yesterday and regarding your request for good suppliers in China. Please contact Mr. Peter Chen. He can help you in our industry for glass, metal, Aluminium, CNC machine, and any request you have.
Furthermore, quality inspections also can be done by them. I have a perfect experience with them."



Peter is a very client-oriented Sales Manager and we have become friends over the years. He is one of the most responsive person I know and sometimes I wonder if he even sleeps at all. All the best to your new endeavors!



We usually reply your message within 6 business hours.

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