Wisteria Wellness Pensacola

Who are we?

We are a family owned, veteran operated concierge medical marijuana card evaluation service operating out of Pensacola, Florida. We conduct “in-home” evaluations for patients looking to obtain their Medical Marijuana Card.

*We only provide the evaluation to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card from the State of Floirda.

Why “in-home” evaluations?

The reason we conduct “in-home” evaluations is to provide privacy and convenience to patients in our community. We understand the limitations and frustrations patients may experience when having to visit an office. Our goal is to facilitate on the journey to pain relief in the best way possible.

How to schedule

an Appointment:

Prior to booking an appointment for your Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation we will need to review your existing medical records with qualifying condition. You can have these faxed to our office at 850-466-5398. If you have questions, please call us at 850-696-2863

1. Have your doctor’s office FAX us your records indicating qualifying diagnosis or have your doctor fill out our referral form and FAX to our office. (Referral form can be found HERE)

2. Call or email our office to REQUEST a new patient appointment. We will create your new patient file & review your records before SCHEDULING an appointment. The purpose for this is to save you time and money. Please leave your name, contact number, and request to make a new patient appointment.

3. We will contact you to SCHEDULE appointment after verifying your qualifying condition.


An “in-home” evaluation is $200 for first visit & $150 for follow up.

Hello! We are excited to share our private practice located in beautiful Pensacola, FL.

We see a need. Every day we see the pain afflicting our community. Wisteria Wellness wants you to feel better. Our mission is to provide a comfortable atmosphere to help get you there.

We are a Family Operated and Veteran Owned private practice focused on providing in-home evaluations for medical marijuana certifications.

Our unique in-home evaluations provide a level of privacy, convenience, and confidentiality to our patients, unequalled in Pensacola and surrounding areas.

How does it work? It's simple.

Follow our Pre- Qualification Checklist (found on our website under “Pre-Qualification” or click this link Contact us
Contact us via phone/email/ or fill out this form

Provide us with your name and phone number (voicemail/email/contact form on website)

If we don’t answer our phone, we will call you back to set up your New Patient File (Wisteria Wellness operates with 100% paper files to ensure security & privacy)

A qualifying physician will review your file. (Our pre-qualification process is important because it allows us to be efficient with your valuable time.)

We will call you back to set up your in-home appointment!

You may feel unsure and have questions you need answered. We know medical marijuana evaluations can seem mysterious. For this reason, we have created the unique opportunity for Consultation Appointments.

Consultation Appointments were created to provide the opportunity for potential new patients to ask questions, via telephone, answered by one of our qualifying physicians. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible through this pain free evaluation process.

Schedule a New Patient Pre-Qualification or Consultation Appointment by contacting us!

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