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We have been protecting Michigan homes for over 33 years with superior products, unparalleled installation, and top-rated customer service. We want you to know we are here for you! That is why, WeatherGard is offering LIVE QUOTE. It’s the safest way to get a REAL quote and a REAL deal on all the home improvements you need. Our on-line quote system is available Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-3pm. And as always, you can connect via chat 24/7. >>> That’s the APP to the bottom right corner. Or call us at 800-377-8886 for more information.

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We love our new WeatherGard windows. The installers were prompt, courteous, and cleaned everything up perfectly. The windows are so easy to clean and you don’t even need to use a ladder. We highly recommend WeatherGard to anyone looking for a high quality window.
The Allens Family

…[We are] writing to thank your company for such a professional window installation! We’re so pleased with the quality… We just love the windows, and the way from start to finish, you all completed the job! The installers did what they said they were going to do, and were there on time, and were most professional. The area where the windows were being installed was cleaned, down to every particle of dust!
The Bendons Family

…Mick and Tom were hard workers who cleaned up everything and did a wonderful job with complicated windows…
The LaPortes Family

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or call 800-377-8886.

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