Travel Laundry???

The Waschii® keeps your socks and T-shirts fresh and clean so you’re comfortable and always ready to go!!

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Pre-Reserve for 20% savings !

How it works

Fill, Wash, Rinse/Repeat ,Dry

Load it up

Put your socks/T-shirts/underwear in the Waschii® With soap and water

Mix it up

Close the watertight seal and Vigourously agitate Waschii® using up-and-down motion

Dump it out

Empty out Wash water… Add rinse water

Rinse it out

Vigourously agitate after closing watertight seal…Empty rinse water and repeat if necessary

Hang it up

Squeeze out water from clothes… Hang and dry

technical specification

Perfect For A Few T-Shirts, Socks,underwear..

Quick And Easy To Wash

Folds up as small as your wallet..

Water tight! Will not make a mess..

Quote from Friends

Quote from Friends

My buddy Joel is an enthusiastic climber, camper, roadtripper and international dance instructor

He tries out the Waschii

The Kickstarter will Be launching soon!

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Product Highlight

Watertight design makes it easy to wash your clothes anywhere!

easy to use anywhere!

Watertight Design Allows Vigourous Use Anywhere!

Don't let laundromats slow down your adventure!

Eric Williamson has a Track record for coming up with interesting ways to “do more with less”

For example – he created the “TerraOil® system”… an innovative way to create fuel from waste oils at restaurants… By processing the oil at the back of the restaurant … he Created a system two add value when previously it was just being stored… to highlight the technology and attract investors he created a local tour company (VancouverEcoTours)….
Always interested in smaller solutions that provide greater value…
Eric has been doing “more and more” with “less and less”…
Finding himself in a large beautiful house in North Vancouver..

He asked himself “why do I need all this space?”..
And promptly converted his detached garage into a studio apartment/dance studio… lived in it…and rented out the rest of the house… creating more time to devote to dance and travel..
while living in Vancouver he realized that the Rainy season was getting him down..

So, in order to create more vitamin D and serotonin he built a hydroponic nursery that exposed him to more sunlight at the foot of his Murphy bed!
Fresh greens for salads followed six weeks later!
Currently you can find Eric somewhere in the world in his camper van “Otto”…
Either enjoying dinner while watching the sunset in Portugal… or travelling through France to a dance events..
In the past you might have found him underwater in Egypt or Okinawa….
In the future you might find him underwater in Bali,hiking through the desert in the Mojave.. or possibly attempting to land an airplane…on a short Mountain strip… Having to fly around three times till the bear got out of the way..

One thing is for sure –
Eric rarely “checks luggage”..
“Carry-on only.”
He doesn’t like to waste time waiting for luggage or risking interrupting his adventures chasing down lost items.
In order to get everything into a carry-on… Eric discovered art of “travelling lite” using things like “Merino wool T-shirts” and socks..
Two pairs of each..
Along with boxers..
Travelling with only two changes of clothes presented a laundry problem…
Solved by the creation of the “Waschii®“…
Sure he could get his laundry washed cheaply while travelling through Southeast Asia…
But waiting on them to finish!
And cycling through two outfits?!?
That Was cutting into his flexibility..
Washing them himself while overnight wherever he happened to be..
Turned Into a real game changer!

feel like hopping on a motorcycle and going to another town? No problem!! Don’t need to wait in the laundry!!!
let’s go!!

Lets make that real

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