Leadprise specializes in lead generation for B2B companies.

Our company is backed by veteran sales leaders from technology, medical and retail industries. Leaders who have worked at Microsoft, Google, Merck, Pepsi to name a few.

The team is young but hungry. We have every tool at our disposal to do a comprehensive assessment of your perfect customer and get you the leads/meetings you are looking for. We know how hard it is for a small business to generate leads, let us do the work for you, this lets you focus on your business.

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Our process

Our process is simple, once we understand your needs and target persona we make niche lists and get you the highest quality leads. We own the entire process of getting the leads, setting up the meetings and confirming the meetings. This allows you to focus on the pitch and the demos. We also have closers on the team that even close a deal for you if you struggle at asking for money (trust us, it is hard). Our services are simple, we get you the leads you deserve and we only take payment after a meeting takes place. So if you are a small startup or a B2B company without many sales and BDR resources, look no further. We will be your perfect partner. Please get in touch with us and let’s win some business together.

Our Team

Alexis Francis

Lead Generation Specialist

Devin Vincenty

Lead Generation Specialist


Aakash Kambuj

CTO, Falkon AI


“We are a growing seed capital funded startup and do not have the bandwidth to prospect across verticals. We have collaborated with Leadprise and we’ve had excellent results. Since engaging with Leadprise our potential leads and conversions from these leads has skyrocketed. Definitely recommend Leadprise to all small startups out there.”

Quincy Milloy

ex co-founder of Smart Ag


“Leadprise opened up new verticals for us and generated valuable leads. They understood our offering and using a customized approach they targeted companies and contacts, getting us the leads and meetings. They have surpassed our expectations.”

Vin Lal

CFO, Moliar Hospitality Group


“Leadprise may look like a new company but they are backed by sales professionals who have decades of experience. They use everything from just picking up the phone to all the modern tools to achieve your goals. They definitely helped our company get more meetings with potential clients.”

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