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Volcano Builders

A Legacy That Spans 3 Generations

Volcano Builders is a hard-working team of architects, engineers, managers, and workmen. More importantly, we are an entirely local family business. As my father before me and his father before him, I continue to fulfill our family’s legacy of building dreams that our customers would love to call their home.

We Are Washington State’s Most Trusted Construction and Remodeling Service for a Reason…Well, For 3 Reasons Actually

Uncompromising Quality

Excellence is the only acceptable quality for us. Outstanding craftsmanship and enduring work are hallmarks of our services.

Unmatched Prices

Whisper your home dream to us and witness us turn it into a beautiful reality at a price that meets your budget.

Undeniably You

We combine form and function to create living spaces that reflect your unique style, taste, and needs.

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