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How to use your 401(K) and/or IRA to invest in multifamily through Self-Directed IRAs.


Why Wall Street and your financial planner intentionally make you unaware of Self-Directed IRAs causing you to miss out on millions of dollars.


How a married couple who own a business can set up a Solo 401(K) and contribute up to $112,000 per year to their retirement, which helps reduce their taxes and have more money grow tax-free.


Identify the two tax traps associated with Self-Directed IRAs to make sure you continue earning millions of dollars during retirement from your multifamily investments. 


Learn the three ways multifamily supercharges your retirement which stocks and bonds cannot.


How you can grow your retirement 4X over a span of ten years and potentially have millions of dollars over longer periods of time from the dual snowball effect of cash flows and equity returns provided by multifamily investments.

About the Author

About the Author

Henry Perez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Volar Equity. He has an extensive financial background, having managed annual budgets up to hundreds of millions of dollars in size. Henry is also the Owner of Perez Commercial Real Estate, his investment company whereby he invests his personal money in multifamily properties in emerging markets throughout California. His educational background encompasses both the University of San Francisco and Harvard Business School.

Are you considering investing in multifamily real estate? Maybe you’ve been watching the stock market and realized multifamily investments offer more stable and consistent long-term growth over other available investment classes. Perhaps you are looking for investment opportunities that offer tax advantages. Or maybe you just want to diversify your retirement portfolio. Whatever your goal is, Volar Equity can help you achieve them. 

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