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Why you never have to fear a Google Penalty with VE’s White Hat SEO Services

Fully aware of what a Google backlash can do to your business and leads, VE’s SEO experts bring their rich learnings and trainings from some of the most renowned masters of digital marketing to safeguard your online business.

Their six-prong SEO strategy includes:

Natural and high quality
Link Building

We believe in careful link building – manually, not tool-based - on diverse domains with high domain authority. We completely avoid buying or selling links, negotiating link exchanges, participating in link farms, or engaging in any kind of unnatural linking.

Unique and value-driven
content on your site

The focus is on high quality, unique and value-driven content on your site and avoiding low quality content techniques such as "thin" pages with little or no added value.

Mobile SEO

At VE, we ensure that you have a completely responsive site (mobile-ready site) with advanced mobile SEO features that offers a user-friendly experience on any device.

intrusive interstitial

To avoid Google demoting web pages, we studiously avoid intrusive ads, popups, or standalone interstitial to a mobile user on your websites.

Black-Hat SEO

We don’t touch any Black-Hat SEO activities like spammy structured data markup, deliberately cloaking web page, high keyword stuffing, doorway content, etc.

Following Google's Webmaster Guidelines

We perform SEO activities within the scope of Google's Webmaster Guidelines so as to avoid any algorithmic penalty or manual actions.

Get complete
transparency with your SEO
team’s regular customized reports

A Wrong SEO Strategy Can Backfire and Put You Behind Six Months – But Not With Us

VE’s SEO experts have successfully optimized 1000+ online businesses for clients in 27 countries around the world. The focus is on first building a business as a brand that search engines can find easily, and then helping them dominate search engines and drive more traffic online.

Here’s what your SEO team does to organically promote your online business:

Evaluation – Research – Analysis – Implementation of a Sound SEO Strategy

VE’s SEO team uses these tools to create a custom SEO strategy for maximizing your online visibility

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