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Tradera is a financial firm designed to empower investors by offering world-renowned trading education services. We are dedicated to our members and prepared to assist you in learning how to navigate the financial markets!

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When you become a client of Tradera, you will have access to...

Trade Academy

Study from an extensive education platform complete with specially designed, in-depth training courses to improve your trading!

Trade Alerts

Receive trade alerts / signals from consistently profitable and successful traders so that you earn while you learn!

Live Trading Sessions

Attend live, group-based trading education webinar sessions to get all of your questions answered by successful traders!

Fundamental Analysis

Read up on fundamental analysis detailing real-time economic factors that are affecting the different asset classes and their value!

Market Forecasts

Review market forecasts from profitable traders breaking down their future trading biases to help you successfully trade the financial markets!

Member Support

Tradera's Member Support team works around the clock 24/7 to assist our members with any membership related inquiries!

About Us

Tradera is where opportunity meets integrity.

Founded by ambitious traders, the company’s mission focuses on educating the masses on the power of the financial markets and providing a platform for our members to achieve financial freedom.

‚ÄčOur vision at Tradera is to operate a platform that promotes financial and character growth. We want to revolutionize entrepreneurship by providing a vehicle for success and professional mentorship in the trading industry.

Meet Our Founders

Kody Sell

Co - Founder and CEO

Eastan Harris

Co - Founder and CFO

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