Coffee break mysteries to make you smile.

A failed writer places an ad offering his services as a private investigator, figuring he can use his 20+ years of writing horrible crime to earn some money. When the first customer calls with a dognapping case, he learns he indeed has a talent, for failing — this debut author puts a fresh spin on the classic PI with six short humorous stories that take you from dognappings via jealous husbands to haunted houses and a burned widow... Written for on-the-go reading.

Viking P.I. has become a fun companion to the Friday morning coffee - betareader, season one.

About the Author

About the Author

Tommy is a father, husband, fire engineer and a bureaucrat. In daytime he appears to be living a normal nine to five life, but at nighttime something happens. He put on his cape with the letter P embroidered. P for passion. Tommy sits down to write into the early morning with a big smile on his face. He has written several books and novella’s, with millions of trusted fans all over the attic.

He has finally decided to test his writing on a heavier audience. His loyal dusty particle fans have to wait until he fails at the living, thinking, critical, and scary people audience. Tommy is working towards his first book-release in his native language (Norwegian), a geriatric crime novel, and he has secretly been working on a seasonal, episode-based fun mystery series – Viking P.I. The first season is to be released on December 18th 2020.

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