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What We Do

We provide unique cocktails and exceptional service to any event or party you host. The taste of our cocktails are so remarkable and delicious with an experience that you never taste before in your life

Our Services

Our specialties where we love to help and serve our beverage. Get free consulting call for more information click “BOOK CALL”



We serve on your weddings events

More Fun, More Happiness With Nice Tasty of Beverages


Birthday & Graduation Parties

New Years Events


House Parties & And Much More

Come enjoy our delicious special made cocktails with us.



Worth the money

Life of the party, adapts to any type of scene and any type of crowd. He’s not only a bartender, he’s a hype man!! Funny and very profesional at the same time.



The best of the best

Anibal is the best… great attitude, great spirit, he will make you laugh, he will make you will like home.. he is the best….


El Tipo

Anibal is amazing!

Amazing service! Had such a great time and the drinks where top notch! I will definitely recommend UBartending to anyone!



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