Are you prepared for Retirement?

Are you sure you will be able to sustain the same lifestyle after you stop working?

Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to develop multiple income streams and achieve financial freedom and independence

What differentiates our service?

Handpicked professionals

That breaches the gap between the two countries, making it a seamless experience and keeping in mind what you want. We are local in France and in England.

Curated portfolios

Our house-searchers build their portfolios of properties in key cities and near surrounding suburbs through an extensive network (agencies, private sellers, solicitors, trustees, land dealers).

Support 7 days a week

We know how important it is to keep communication open and the difference it makes being able to reach our support system. That is why we make sure there is someone on hand, always, to take your call.

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Get a complete home buying analysis of everything you’ll need to have a smooth and enjoyable home buying experience.

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Real Time

Leads will be sent 30 min after we receive

High Volume

Currently receiving 70 to 100 leads a month

Ready to Buy

We target customers that have an immediate need for roof repair or installation

No Contract Required

If we come to an agreement you can try our service and can quit at any time


We never send leads to multiple contractors

Best Return On Investment

Your return on investment will much higher than other methods such as PPC Methods or SEO



Get The Full Picture With 40+ Data Points

Umbric goes the extra mile so you know everything you need to about your leads. That means you can figure out how to effectively target them.

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Any time. We are open 24/7
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Here’s Exactly What We Do

We started with the small goal of selling one product under one brand on Amazon two years ago.

Having achieved that goal, we have now expanded into a second brand with multiple products and looking to scale.

Having learned many lessons the tough way, we have done the hard work so you don’t have to.

We have invested thousands of dollars and hours in learning the ins and outs of selling through Amazon.

We have helped other small Australian businesses grow their revenue and develop an international presence through adding this sales channel to their arsenal.

sales and marketing

We will work with you every step of the way until we see you and your company succeed.





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