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Hey I’m David The Sales Angel and I’m a sales coach. Thanks for stopping by, I know there are a lot of people out there to choose from.

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With students in the UK, The USA and Asia the reach for my coaching is wide and there’s a reason why…….

I have spent the the majority of my life is sales and what separate me apart from the rest is the student mentality. I will always be a student and therefore i’m also continuously bringing new ways to convert more sales to my students.

Now I know life is busy and there’s also pressure to get the results we want, I help juggle that.

So I help people see a sharp increase in sales in a short amount of time, that also last on the long term.


Well I actually teach skills, not just hype. Being motivated is great but you want lasting skills to use everyday for you and your team (if you have one!)

I have combined live online and face to face training, with an incredible training tool that hold almost 400 interactive videos that enables each user to hone in on the areas they want help with to make them bullet proof in sales.

Each of these are in seperate set of interactive videos.

You will also have 1 on 1 time + weekly live

webinars you can watch back anytime.

sheets to downloads and work sheets.

around 4 hours of additional content each week.

So to complete just one lap of this platform would take nearly 5 months......

How can I help?

I have one purpose. To make you more effective in sales. So many coaches focus on everything, I want to make sure that you are converting more deals, meaning more money In the bank!

Or if you simple want to see more about what I can do before we chat – click below and grab one of the golden tickets. I’m like the Willy Wonka of sales.

And as such I’m going to give you free access so you can see for yourself.

Click below and

Want more? Here’s a few other videos to watch


“Hey David. I have been busy setting appointments and closing. I closed $1000 yesterday thanks to you and your program. I studied up on the B2B questions to ask, and dude, it worked wonders!!”

Timothy, USA

“I couldn’t believe how much content was on the platform. It will take me a year to go through it all. 1 month in and my closing ratio is up 30% thank you “

Gary S.

“Being in marketing for years I was already very effective. But with the skills I have learnt I have levelled up again”


“Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the nudge I definitely needed it.. Yesterday was the best day on record!!”


“Smashed it over the weekend, thank you do much for the pointers the team reacted so well to the platform”


“Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for yesterday champ. This morning landed my first deal, £650 in the bank before lunch!”


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