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What is a Home Buying Assessment?

A Home Buying Assessment will asses your current credit and financial readiness to purchase a home. Knowing your current financial status will allow us to prepare the best possible solution to help you begin the home buying process.

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Village of Indan Trail

4/3 – SqFt 3209

$414.389 PITI $2,879.44

Falls At Dry Creek

5/4 – SqFt 4455

$639,506 PITI $3,919.44


5/3 – SqFt 3523

$350,203 PITI $2,416.17

Alder Trail

5/3 – SqFt 3756

$435,356 PITI $2,789.78

Towne Lake

4/4 – SqFt 3839

$540,900 PITI $3,572.18


4/3 – SqFt 2713

$320,440 PITI $2,276.89

Canyon Lakes West

4/2 – SqFt 2393

$279,999 PITI $2,083.42


4/3 – SqFt 3105

$459,905 PITI $3,098.06

Monthly PITI is based on 3.75% fixed rate and 6.25% APR. Intest rate may vary based on loan pre-approval.

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