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100% pure magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) | Our unique formula provides athletes with the richest and most pure magnesium carbonate available | Free of any skin-damaging impurities or artificial filling agents, guaranteed.


The #1 rated Chalk for high performing athletes | Master your grip with the strongest bond available in the market | Eliminates oil, grease, sweat, moisture | 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Grip Master is the only Chalk tested by professional engineers and is guaranteed to give you the strongest grip | Proudly based in Canada, Jikko was established in 2014 by professional engineers and served over 100 000 satisfied customers


Thanks its the convenient format, Grip Master’s brick chalk fits in practically any gym or sports bag so you can take it anywhere | Keep it as a brick to rub your hands or break it into chunks or powder | Perfect for indoor and outdoor sports where grip is critical | Ideal for Rock climbing - Gymnastics - Parkour - Crossfit - Power Fitness - Circus

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