Safeguard your retirement and shield your Special Account (SA) funds with us!

Gain 1.5% net interest on your retirement savings with one simple step. If you’re a Singaporean or PR turning 55, this service is just for you.

How Does SA Shielding Work?

1. Upon reaching 55, CPF automatically forms your Retirement Account (RA) with funds first from your SA and then your Ordinary Account (OA). Your OA’s interest rate is 2.5% and SA’s interest rate is 4%.

2. Save your SA funds by transferring them out to a third party investment fund prior to your birthday, leaving a minimum of $40,000 in your account.

3. CPF will proceed to form your RA with that remaining 40k as well as funds from your OA, while your shielded funds remain untouched.

4. After your birthday, transfer the funds back into your SA and continue to gain your 4% interest!

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