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Hi, I’m Shannon. I’ve worked with more than 100 Nonprofits to increase their mission impact and advocacy support. The one thing that 90% of Nonprofits have in common is a mission and impact that has outgrown their website. Grant-making Foundations and fundraising Nonprofits alike were doing some amazing work.

There was a grant-making Foundation sending a team of scientists into the high altitude Andes Mountains, however their work was only told in physical booklet Annual Reports. That means fewer than 1,000 people could be impacted by their work. When I performed an in-depth audit and presented them with the same solution outlined in our FREE downloadable PDF report, we made the changes and saw results right away. Over the next 12 months they grew to be a statewide leader in the environmental science philanthropy sector, deepened relationships and now host an Annual International conference.

There was a fundraising Nonprofit that was purchasing single family homes for girls ages 18-25 aging out of foster care. The youth they serve would – most often – wind up in abusive relationships, pregnant and abandoned, homeless, on drugs, or in some cases kidnapped into human trafficking. Their work was only known by people in their regional community. Their website didn’t have national reach. That means millions of potential advocates could not find them to support their work. We created a customized website audit and after taking the steps to rectify the issues they started to rank on google. They gained enough attention to increase their donor partnerships and have quadrupled their residences under ownership – and of course – 4X their impact.

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