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Corporate formation

Whether you are brand new or have been in business for years, we help businesses with their corporate setup. We also advise our clients about all of their rights and responsibilities surrounding their setup.

General counsel

Almost all businesses need a "legal department" but do not necessarily need full-time attorneys. We can serve as an outside general counsel for your business to advise you about contracts and stave off potential disputes.


1:1 time with the attorney

At Shakfeh Law, what you see is what you get. When you have a legal issue or question, you speak directly with attorney Danya Shakfeh.

Flat fees

Hourly billing means unpredictable bills and inefficiency. At Shakfeh Law, we bill using flat fees so you can more easily budget our services. We also believe in efficiency so we get the job done sooner.

Tech-savvy law firm

We use technology to streamline our legal services for your convenience including using e-signature software and maintaining paperless copies of documents. Kiss scanning and printing goodbye.

Founding Attorney Danya Shakfeh

Danya is an award-winning and published business lawyer. She helps businesses stay legally protected by making sure all of their legal needs are taken care of. Whether you are a new business or looking to get your legal affairs in order, Attorney Shakfeh is extremely skilled and will guide your business all while giving top notch customer service.


Tell Us How We Can Help You

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