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The Family That Made


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of the new piece of thought leadership analyzing the role that Libya’s past can and should play in shaping its future.

The Senussi Dynasty: The Family That Made Libya is the most recent, and most extensive survey to date of both the Senussiya movement and the Senussi family in Libya in the English language, extending from the beginnings of the Senussi tariqah in the 18th Century to the post-Gaddafi era of the present day.

It further offers a novel interpretation of the historical orthodoxy surrounding the events that led the downfall of the Senussi in September 1969. The book includes extensive interviews with historians of Libya, diplomats, academics, former officials and more, offering a unique additional historiographical element to the story of the family which shaped the history of Libya more than any other family in the country's history. This book will make for enjoyable reading for Libya scholars and aficionados of Libyan history alike, and to all interested in the past and present of a remarkable country.

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