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Oren D.

Met up with Eddie after requested an estimate. super nice guy , took the time to explain everything to me including pricing , timeframe ,materials and more . my roof was replaced between a few days and needless to say i was very happy , no mess left or hanging parts like i have read the horror stories before .

Highly recommended

Michael F.

Thank you Eddie and Samuel, me and my wife are very happy with the new roof. You were the most knowledgeable and friendly of all the other contractors that came to see the job. Thabks for all the clear communication. It was pleasure working with you guys I would recommand best west roofing to everyone.

Guy A.

I love these guys! They did an incredible job, re-roofing our entire 4 unit condo building & costing well below the many quotes I had sourced. Don’t waste your time with any other roofing companies – these are the guys to go straight to, you will not regret!

Jonathan G.

After meeting with few roofers abbey and Samuel came and I’m so happy I waited for them they explained everything and gave me a lower price than the other 2 roofers (4000$ lower)
Thank you very much guys

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