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The R&D Tax Credit


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We now live in a new Paradigm with what is going on in our country. As a business owner it is imperative to take advantage of every legal tax advantage that is available to help your business survive and prosper. We work in a tax niche that 93% of eligible companies either are not aware of or have decided that they are not eligible for, before even checking their eligibility. This is misguided, as most companies are eligible if they are profitable or have been profitable in the last few years.

The program I am introducing has been around since 1981 when Congress passed the Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA) which included within the act, Research and Development Tax Credits. R&D credits were renewed 15 times before being made a permanent part of the tax code in 2015. Since then there have been enhancements by the Trump Administration so even more businesses are eligible. The tax code allows a 3-year look back plus the current open year to give the business a potential immediate refund from the IRS/US Treasury that can be used to sustain or grow the business.

Eligible businesses include: agriculture (under heading of agriculture: brewing, cattle & dairy farming, pork & poultry production, grain & cotton farming, waste management, and wine making, including vineyards), engineering, food, food processing and construction companies, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Real Estate, Insurance Agencies, HVAC, Plumbers, Electrical Contractors, General Contractors, Architects, Engineering Firms, Software Companies, Auto Service, and much more

You may be eligible to receive $20,000, $100,000 or maybe as much as $3M as one of our clients received back from the IRS. It all depends upon your company’s situation; however, a majority of businesses are now eligible under the current tax laws. The best part is it costs you nothing to find out! Call us for a free, no obligation review.

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THE R&D TAX CREDIT and other related tax breaks save us business more than $12 billion annually!


S Corp - 4 shareholders - 5o employees
$262,000 regional/national incentives realized


S Corp - 2 shareholders - 25 employees
$134,000 regional/national incentives realized


C Corp - I. location - 45 employees
$123,000 regional/national incentives realized


S Corp - 2 shareholders - 31 employees
$146,069 regional/national incentives realized

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