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Who We Are

QuickStay is a Property Management company expanding and looking for properties to rent for short term rental clients. We are looking for homeowners and landlords to partner with for corporate relocation clients, traveling clients such as nurses, doctors, sales professionals, flight attendants, pilots and so forth.

What We Do

We will manage the property so that you don’t have to. It will not cost you extra, like some Management companies charge, as we are paid by our clients.

You are guaranteed the agreed upon rent in the contract regardless, if our clients are occupying the unit or not.

All our clients are screened ahead of time and we provide cleaning services free of charge.



What we are looking for

We prefer long term partnerships (1yr+)

Preferably single-family homes, condos, and townhomes in Broward County.

We will consider other areas.

We prefer safe and clean neighborhoods, as our clients are frequent travelers.

Please note if the property is not furnished. We can furnish it.

Generally, we do not allow pets in our properties, unless we have your expressed consent with additional compensation paid to you (property owner)

If you are interested in your property being considered for our corporate partnership or would like more information please send us a message above or text (888) 509-0704

Thank You!

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