I am an amateur

I don't pretend to know everything

But one thing I do know is that it's easy to copy success.

So I have two sets of rules

In someways I'm like Dr jekyll and Hyde

So here is the boring accountant...

I invest in mature companies with strong balance sheets and established brands, which are capable of reinvesting their profits and compounding value for investors over time, while excluding sectors such as

Three principles

So here are my rules

  1. The first question i ask when i look at a business is technology the friend or enemy of this business. That’s the most important question in investing in any business today. This does not mean I only invest in tech stocks. An old fashioned business like Unilever can be using technology in many surprising ways
  2.  steady increase over 10 yrs+ no wild swings. This is a good business that lasts
  3.  market leader. The moat. The test of this simple. If I gave you £1bn could you wipe out my business?
  4.  be paranoid
  5. do nothing is better than doing the wrong thing
  6. ROCE 20%+ PEG lower than 1 FCF. Must be positive
  7. no trading. Only investment. Trading = fx
  8.  cash is king
  9. high gross margin. 40%+
  10.  high retained earnings
  11.  margin of safety. Can withstand a hurricane

Now over to the other side of my split personality. The pioneer

I like to invest in the future. I’m looking for tomorrows Amazon.
I’m taking a cue from one of the investing legends you’ve not heard of, CATHIE WOOD. There are 5 areas of disruptive innovation. Let me summarise here in my own words…

1 Artificial intelligence. Similar to how any business didn’t embrace the Internet 20 years ago, any business that ignores the be



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