Politics isn’t going away. The thing is, you can have fun with it. You can choose to take politics a little less seriously, thinking about it the same way you would think about a soap opera.

Climate Change

Health Care

Race Relations

All of the characters, as much as they may deliver their thoughts and their messages in earnest, are just faces on a screen, all vying for attention. You can view them as cartoons, have a hearty laugh at the silliness of it all, and relax.


Law and Order


Awesome Cards – Featuring Faces You’re Sure to Recognize

When you look down at the cards in your hand, you see how ridiculous the entire saga has been. You can discuss the cast of characters without letting them drag you down

The Squad

Talking Heads

Political Movements

Hashtags Galore

Any game, any night, with all of your friends, from both sides of the aisle, you can let yourself forget about the drama, forget what it feels like, and choose instead to enjoy yourself

Hashtags - Left

Hashtags - Right

Political Movements

Beautifully Crafted

We have sourced top-quality paper stock for this deck of cards, refusing to spare any expense. This means that you can use them to play again and again, confident that they are going to keep their shape and stand the test of time. From one hand to the next, the smoothness and the durability of Politics Playing Cards will remain apparent – as will the luxurious ink used to print both the text and the images onto each card

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