Summary of

Your First

Love Affair

with SELF

By: Author

Patricia Y. McCullough-Oliver

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You will meet Payton Jennings, a talented, highly educated, bigger-than-life young lady, full of energy and many other attractive attributes. She grew up in an influential upscale family—a hopeless romantic, who often finds herself in toxic unfulfilling relationships in all areas of her life. I want you to engulf your emotions through the existence of Payton’s tear-formation journey. During this journey, I want you to reconnect with hope, purpose, and a desire that you, too, can come from under toxic relationships externally but, most importantly, internally. I want you to move toward healthier and stable emotional relationships by making your pain your power while viewing it as a process. After reading this book, I hope that you will walk into a better understanding of loving yourself, in such a deeper and more fulfilling experience than ever before. The focus will be developing the total you personally and professionally from a spiritual lens while discovering your First Love Affair with SELF.

Patricia Y. McCullough- Oliver is a creatively empowered Executive business owner with over 30+ years in the Image / Fashion/ Personal and Professional Development industry. Oliver is best known for her empathy and desire to educate, motivate, and prepare others for society.

She is the CEO and founder of Poise and Perfection Imaging Inc. Patricia’s projects include working with some of the top celebrities in the sports, fashion, and entertainment industries. Oliver is also a published columnist writer, transformational speaker and relationship coach.

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