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We are delighted you stopped by where it is our goal, purpose and desire to empower the woman to discover her value, position her value, and present her value to real men who desire, pursue and capture.

The Mantra

“Commitment to Self”

  1.  I am committed to transformation through self-awareness, authenticity, vulnerability and transparency.
  2.  I am committed to discovering/rediscovering my value.
  3.  I am committed to taking responsibility for my own actions and not blaming others.
  4.  I am committed to speaking only that which GIVES LIFE to myself and others.
  5.  I am committed to discovering the courage to look within and accept the HARD but LIBERATING TRUTH! It was ME! I was the manipulator…. I was the provoker…. I was the user…. I was the seductress…. I was the plotter…. I was the one who sabotaged…. I was the mistress…. I was the conspirator…. I was the petty one…. I hit below the belt…. I strategized it…. I set him up…. I kept him from his children (for no reason) …. I slept with his friend to get back at him…. You fill in the blank, and if it doesn’t apply, then “Let It Fly.”
  6.  I am committed to valuing, forgiving, loving, honoring, and respecting myself.
  7.  I am committed to valuing, honoring, cherishing, and respecting my body; therefore, I will not allow it to be used, abused, and/or mishandled.
  8.  I am committed to RECLAIMING the fragments of my soul that I gave away, suppressed, neglected, abandoned, and/or simply ignored.
  9.  I am committed to respecting all kings and priests in my sphere of influence, as a lifestyle.
  10. . I am committed to resisting the temptation to allow my influence, affluence, and status deceive me from discovering my truth and where I should make healthy adjustments.

Meet Atiya

Atiya, is an Author, Dynamic Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Love Strategist. Her passion for people and purpose is undeniable as she delicately yet rigorously inspires change, ignites passion and imparts value.

The Author

Atiya has written “Hello Me”, How to Show up & Conquer which is a faith-based resource on how to triumph in tragedy to include rebuilding from ruins and homelessness after a divorce.
Atiya’s newest book, “No Green Beans” A woman’s guide to becoming the Ultimate 5 course experience is metaphorically written depict the woman as the dimensional experience she was designed to be and not a mere side of green beans (a portion of her). Atiya captivates her reading audience with tools, experiences, and inspirations by challenging the woman to discover the best “in” her to present the best “of” her.

The Speaker

Atiya is a riveting storyteller that has proven success in connecting with her audience by sharing many areas of her inspiring, triumphant truths in which she transparently and authentically shares to bring inspiration, hope and liberation.

The Transitional Life Coach

Atiya is skilled in identifying complacent places and getting those “Unstuck” by aiding through life’s uncharted waters and challenging those in her sphere of influence to take the leap that advances and penetrates places uncomfortable, yet necessary spaces.

One of Atiya’s coined phrases is “One Must Discover the courage to conquer” as she has experienced in totality during her journey. It was her grit and discovery of courage that built her resilience to rebuild from ruins. Courage is not automatic for some; it does not happen overnight – it is a process”.
Atiya will never meet a stranger and believes “One person’s Journey creates the path of another”, therefore she serves as a catalyst of transformation through accountability, transparency and authenticity.

The Love Strategist

Atiya is a Certified Relationship coach aka Love Strategist who challenges the women to discover her worth, position her worth, and present her worth to real men who desire, pursue and capture. Atiya is referred to as The Love Strategist because she believes in addition to the desire for love; one must be positioned for love.

Signature Courses & Elite Coaching

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Greetings Gems & Jewels!

We are delighted you stopped by where it is our goal, purpose and desire to empower the woman to discover her value, position her value, and present her value to real men who desire, pursue and capture.

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