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If you’re here, it means you’ve made the mistake of buying a timeshare and are struggling to free yourself of its financial burden. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Timeshares are a massive industry accounting for ownership by more than 7% of all U.S. households — and growing fast. This amounts to over 10 million timeshare owners or ownership groups, totaling billions of dollars in revenue for property developers, salespeople and marketers. As you’ve probably already guessed, someone is making a lot of money on timeshares — and it’s not you.

National Timeshare Help, LLC., is a financial group specializing in timeshare cancellation and relieving owners of monthly timeshare payments, annual maintenance fees, lawyer fees and other financial obligations associated with timeshare ownership. By cancelling a timeshare and putting an end to timeshare debt, you can finally relax, make your own decisions — and get on with your life.

Why Timeshare Cancellation is Always a Good Investment

Someone probably told you that by buying a timeshare, you’d be making an “investment” in your future. But there’s a good reason that you may want to cancel timeshare contracts in your future instead.

Timeshares are NOT an Investment

The entire strategy behind timeshare marketing is to propose the idea of an investment, one in the form of “unlimited vacations” and permanent ownership of a little slice of paradise, right?

In reality, timeshares are often the opposite of everything they claim to be. You pay a small fortune to be ‘locked in’ to one week or more of a ‘free’ vacation every year, and become the owner of a small property — along with up to 52 other people or groups! There is no income, and you have virtually no freedom in how you spend your timeshare. The worst part is — you can’t get out!

You’re Bleeding Money

You make monthly timeshare payments for years until you’ve paid it off, but the annual maintenance fees never stop. With up to 52 owners over a single property, there’s more than enough room for controversy. Conflicting opinions lead to legal struggles, and legal struggles lead to lawyer fees.

To make matters worse, timeshares do not generate income. Renting a timeshare is easier said than done, and it’s impossible to predict the local markets.

The Timeshare Market is Flooded

With almost a quarter million timeshare units in the United States and rising, timeshares are cropping up like weeds in an open field. For owners of timeshares, that’s bad news. The resale value of your timeshare is almost guaranteed to be less than what you paid for it — sometimes by as much as half. Financially speaking, you’ll want to eliminate timeshare contracts if you don’t like losing money.

Cancel Your Timeshare Contract Today!

With National Timeshare Help, LLC., you can cancel a timeshare contract along with its debt and maintenance fees, undo the mistake of buying a timeshare — and never look back!

Timeshare sales often rely on aggressive marketing tactics that become their legal downfall, where misinformation, misleading advice and extreme sales pressure can turn dreams into lies. We fight against timeshare companies because you have the right to cancel timeshares and you may not even know it. That’s because timeshare companies employ legal intimidation tactics to scare you out of challenging your contract — just more of the same misleading conduct that got you stuck in a timeshare in the first place.

Our team of timeshare cancellation experts and lawyers have a deep understanding of timeshare laws and regulations, which exist to protect the public from falling victim to timeshare scams.
We review your timeshare and all available options of exiting a timeshare or transferring a timeshare while offering fully-transparent and fixed legal costs. National Timeshare Help, LLC., is a first-rate timeshare cancellation firm that handles personal property timeshares, deeded timeshares and vacation interval plans on behalf of private timeshare owners, families and groups. We can assist you in the case of timeshare loans and financing under false and misleading pretenses, as is so often the case with timeshare owners all over the country.

We help tens of thousands of people cancel timeshares and associated costs of timeshare debt and maintenance fees to the tune of millions of dollars every year, keeping your money out of the hands of timeshare developers and peddlers, and in your pocket — where it belongs.

Our Process:
We Evaluate Your Case

At National Timeshare Help, LLC., we commit to a thorough vetting process that ensures timeshare cancellation with a 100% success rate. You will receive a free consultation over the phone or in a virtual meeting to review your timeshare contract and the terms under which it was acquired. We proceed with extreme attention to detail and in strict adherence to timeshare laws and regulations that stand on your behalf. We help you navigate the complexities of timeshare ownership and qualify to cancel your timeshare immediately while eliminating all future financial obligations.

We Go to Work

Your case is handed over to our resolution department, where a team of legal experts will begin challenging the timeshare company to dissolve your contract while terminating all legal obligations to maintenance fees and timeshare debt. We pressure their legal team with quick and resolute action that will otherwise leave them with costly fines if not settled. It is in a timeshare company’s best interest to cancel your timeshare when it is in violation of timeshare laws and regulations, and we are experts in proving that your timeshare was contracted on misleading and fraudulent terms.

During this process, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait to hear the good news. You will never be required to appear in court, make statements or otherwise engage in legal obligations to cancel a timeshare. We handle everything for you through a single point of contact, so you always know where you stand and get closer to your timeshare cancellation with every moment.

We Cancel Your Timeshare

With National Timeshare Help, LLC., your timeshare will be just a bad dream in the past. Put it behind you with our help and have the freedom to enjoy your vacations where you want, when you want, and on your own financial terms. No more paying thousands of dollars for a 1-week vacation once a year. No more excessive maintenance fees on a property where you barely spend any time. No more arguing with property co-owners with whom you have nothing in common and want nothing to do with. It’s time to get out of this mess. It’s time to call National Timeshare Help, LLC.

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