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No air pollutants will be generated from solar panels!

Unlimited sunshine for everyone! Never run out of energy from the sun!

Taking care of your solar system is clean, easy, and quick!

Typically will be installed within three days or even sooner!

Solar systems can be installed almost anywhere!

Guarenteed energy production for your solar panels!

Reduce your electricity bill and save money with your solar system!

Solar panels will only benefit the environment by reducing carbon footprints ,

It is easy to start saving today

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We take care of the paperwork engineering, permitting, and installation while keeping you informed throughout the process!

25 Year Production Warranty

Your solar system will be protected and monitored, so you can relax knowing that everything is covered and working properly!

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They did a solar installation on my roof and it turned out great. The installers had the solar panels up in two days and everything done was well communicated with us throughout the process. They were always quick to answer any questions and overall did a great job! I would recommend this company to others.


Natalia N

Wolf River helped me with designing and installing a solar + battery system for my house. I talked with seven or eight solar companies before going with them and it was a good choice. They were very competitive and had specs that best suited my needs. They were super easy to work with, and did a great job. With Covid there were a few bumps in the road but they handled them with integrity and professionalism. I would recommend them without hesitation.


J.C. D.

Justin and crew are excellent and I highly recommend wolf river electric for any job small or large.


Jeffery August

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