“Hi my name is Meme, a thriving fashion boutique owner who believes that every woman has an ICON living deep down in the inside of them no matter their circumstance. Fashion is way more than just glamour and trendy outfits, it’s an artistic way of self expression and personal style in which embraces one’s true confidence.”

Whether if you know it or not, what you decide to put on your back tells the truth about “you”! Aren’t you tired of wearing those same frumpy clothes to work? Dressing in attire that does nothing for your figure? Not looking your best even when you know you can? I know. I’ve been there before. Truth is: I hated how I felt every day only because of how I allowed myself to look and believe me my choice of boring “grandma” clothing played a major role in that. I mean let’s face it, we as women can get so caught up in our every day lives working those long hourly shifts meanwhile, still fulfilling the roles as mothers, students, wives, and entrepreneurs that we actually forget to take the time out to just look good. Funny how we can forget how good we can actually look because we’ve allowed that thing called life to take the wheel.

You know the saying, “When you look good, you feel good” right? Well, it’s true. Your choice of appearance has a big influence on how it reflects on your mood, attitude, how you see yourself, and even how others may view you as well. When was the last time you actually JusFhab~U~lously dressed up and REALLY seen yourself? Not the typical “cleaned up nice” you….but, the “Iconic badd a** you”? The YOU that you never knew existed. Well, that’s why I passionately decided to write a book for you and all woman to regain their confidence x’s 10 by unlocking my behind the scenes secrets on how to create your own iconic look effortlessly.

Hey! Basic doesn’t always have to be boring. So, lets get you out of your comfort zone and unleash the new and improved you. You truly deserve to look your ultimate BEST everyday showing up in the world fiercely, unapologetically, and confidently!


"I’m sooooo happy I found this book because I was so lost when it came to my personal style. This ebook helped me in more ways than I could imagine. The gems dropped in there were amazing. Thank you so much Meme for creating something so inspirational yet very helpful. Two thumbs up for me!"


"Listen. This ebook literally gave me life! Honestly, I needed a “pick me up” after having my twins. It seemed like I had just let myself go and completely lost my sense of style. I needed to get my groove back somehow and this book literally gave me just the confidence that I needed. Thank you so much for such an incredible guide. Amazing."


"This book definitely gave me a new perspective on how I should carry myself and own my individuality! I honestly wish it was longer because it was such an interesting guide. Truly a great read and I absolutely loved it. 5 stars all across the board!"


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