Miami Luxe

changing the game of luxury living

Miami Luxe real estate team specializing in the sales of luxury residential condominium properties of Miami

new and Pre construction

We pride ourselves that we have developed a one-of-a-kind database with all of the new and Pre-construction condominium of Miami all in one place, along with prices, amenities, fine details, breakdown payment, price per square foot, construction phase, incentives, inventory everything on your fingertips

Our team are truly a trusted advisor

Miami is a rapidly growing and developing city, now called the city of the future.

To lead the industry requires the smarts tools built by the brightest minds across engineering, design and strategy. Through our property database Miami Luxe is changing how agents and clients buys real estate.

The unique strategy comes from extensive knowledge and well connection with Miami local market leadership.


Aston Martin Residency

Paramount WordCenter

One Thousand Museum

Whether you know us as Miami Luxe Rentals, Miami Luxe Pre construction or Miami Luxe group we have one single vision “simplify the real estate “

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