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All Business Should Use Google My Business And Local Search

For example, if you want to do just one restaurant marketing activity that will take approximately 10 minutes of your time and yield the most customers for 0 cost, optimizing for local search is the one thing you should do. Immediately.

Some quick restaurant SEO (search engine optimization) statistics to inform this conversation:

  • 43% of all Google searches are local or location-based (and growing)
  •  Over 50% of mobile searches are local or location-based (and growing)
  •  As referenced in a recent survey of 11 restaurant clients, you can assume that ~40% of all visitors to your restaurant website are visiting on a mobile phone.
  • Local or location-based searches happen in two ways:
    1) a would-be guest enters the location directly into the search parameters:
    Perhaps “Italian restaurant in Toronto, ON”
    2) a would-be guest is nearby and Google returns search results based on a device’s GPS coordinates: Someone in Toronto, ON, searched for “Italian restaurant.”
    In either case, these searches are incredibly vital to your restaurant’s online traffic and foot traffic.

When Does Your Location Matter?

Your location matters any time a person is trying to find a product or service close to where they are or based on its proximity to a location.

For location-relevant businesses like restaurants, of course, location-based searches are critical. In a local search, you are not trying to rise above nationwide or global competitors in the search engine rankings.

Instead, you are competing with a much smaller local pool. And the conversion — meaning your website-viewer converts into a customer — is much faster: In the restaurant industry, around 30% of searches convert to paying customers immediately, 60% convert within an hour, and 80% convert eventually (according to this Google study).
30% conversions immediately and 60% conversions within an hour.
These aren’t window shoppers. These are people that are immediately seeking to become customers.
These searches are happening in Google Maps on any browser, or the Google Maps app on iOS or Android.
Results are pulled from your Google My Business information.

Google My Business

At one time, Google had a service called Google Places.
Over time, Google Places has been sidelined and increasingly merged with Google+ functionality, which was also sidelined, to form Google My Business.

This Is Not Restaurant SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To be clear, this is not website search engine optimization — which involves making the content and copy on your website more accessible or optimized for search engines to crawl and index.
Instead, this is off-site optimization that positions your restaurant as the best choice for local queries.
Local optimization centers around giving Google the best information possible about your business in their “yellow pages” directory, keeping the profile updated and active, and enabling Google to match queries with the best results.
And when the query is a local or location-based search, Google will use this information before using standard search engine results (which is where your restaurant SEO might be a factor).

The Value Of Google My Business

Google My Business needs to be a prominent piece of every local restaurant marketing strategy and search strategy.
Integrating data like this for marketing is essential to best optimize your customer experience. As the local search market grows, local businesses need to maintain a presence within local search results through online marketing efforts and ideally integrate with an online ordering for restaurants, and this is where your Google My Business listing comes into play.
Google Local Search clicks to the website were responsible for 52% of all of the Google Search traffic to the website, and 31% of the total traffic to the website. If we sum the driving instructions and phone calls as “goal conversions” (as those for a restaurant generally imply a firm movement toward a sale), this is an equivalent of an 8.5% bonus to the goal conversions of the website, as their goals have been fulfilled before the user even visits the site.
Looking at the differences between the Google Webmaster Tools data, we can deduce that the Local Search displays are providing an additional 184% bonus search exposure to the business beyond the standard Google Web Search.

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The Importance And Benefits Of Local Marketing

Higher Market Penetration

With local marketing you will have direct access to clients, your brand will be present at the channels used by your potential clients, you will know what are the most popular social media platforms and which are the main sources of information for your customers as a consequence you will be more efficient in your strategy.

Increase Acquisition and Retention

You will be able to better understand what are the particular needs of your clients and adapt the message accordingly, the same way, the client service and after-sales service will perfectly understand and meet the expectations of your clients providing a remarkable shopping experience.

Improved Brand Loyalty

With local marketing, you will be able to perform a better design of your buyer personas. Thanks to that you will know exactly when, where and to whom make the offer. The creative process becomes simpler as you know your client’s specific needs you will be able to develop tailored content according to the different tastes, trends, events.

Improved Competitive Edge

Local marketing allows you to compete with your direct competition as a local brand. It also helps to gather marketing resources to be more efficient. Local positioning places you over your direct competitors especially if you optimize your location on Google maps what makes you the preferred option among the existing ones.

Organically extending customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is defined as a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. As a result of the foregoing, your brand will build long-term relationships with clients and therefore the LTV will be longer.

Segmenting Niche

Local marketing doesn’t just mean that a business targets a general set of people in the local market. No particular niche is better than another one, but to make the most effective use of marketing dollars, customer populations should be identified and segmented at least in the marketing plan.

Interactive Marketing

Keywords and phrases need to be included on every page of your website. This will increase your site’s ranking when potential customers perform local searches. The way that interactive marketing is changing local businesses is starting to get a marketing advantage. Many times when people will do a query online to search for a product or service online local businesses will appear on the first page.

Search Engine Marketing

If you want to attract new customers online, you will need to use local marketing strategies that are part of a search engine marketing, or SEM, for your business. The main focus of a local marketing strategy is to first determine all of the local keywords for your business. These keywords need to be specific to your area of operations to attract local customers.

Features, Optimization Optional In Listing Management

Listing Management

List your business locations where your customers are searching you.

Location CMS

Upload all of your information for each location directly on the dashboard.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable conversion data that allows you to measure revenue generated from search.

Keyword Tracking

Monitor your local keyword ranking to know how people are searching.

Review Management

Let your excellent customer service stand out by monitoring and answer reviews.

Store Lactor

Consistent brand image and alignment with search engine best practice with store locator micro-sites.


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