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Laryss - Daddy Issues [Official Music Video]

LaRyss - Angels (Official Music Video)

LaRyss - Look Up (Official Music Video)

LaRyss - Uncomfortable (Official Music Video)

“Substance” probably isn’t the first word most people think of when they describe pop music. The genre just doesn’t immediately bring to mind nutrient-dense, life-sustaining content.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. At least that’s what Houston singer-songwriter LaRyss believes about her art.

While still riding a rhythmic pop wave (with strong R&B and acoustic influences), she aims to instead fill her music with an Inspirational message fueled by testimony, positivity and powerful truth.

From early performances in church and storming stages at places like House of Blues and South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, to pursuing music in Hollywood, LaRyss has experienced enough of the music business to see both its light and dark sides.

Rededicating her life to Christ, a recent servitude with anti sex trafficking non-profit in Indonesia, and battling with anxiety and depression have also caused a shift in her story and, hence, her music. “I’ve lived the fame chasing & image-motivated life and know how exhausting and unfulfilling it is, ” LaRyss said. “With my music I hope to strip all of that away, allow people to hear my heart, my story and the testimony God has given me and encourage them all to Look Up.”

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