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Workers’ compensation is a complex area of law that nonetheless serves a critically important function to those who suffer injuries while on the job. This state-issued program helps to protect injured individuals by providing stable income while they recover and can even cover medical bills and other expenses that result from the injury. If you think you may be eligible for workers’ compensation, it is imperative that you act quickly to protect your rights.

Basic Benefits Provided By Workers' Comp Insurance:

At LA Workers’ Comp Attorneys, we have decades of experience in helping clients just like you achieve the settlements they need to fully recover. With extensive knowledge of the law and a dedication to helping our clients reach their goals, our Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers are proud of the results we have been able to achieve.

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Our firm is capable of serving clients in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese & Korean.

Our firm has a long track record of achieving high-value settlements for our clients across a variety of case types (the recovery in each case may differ depending on the particular facts and circumstances).

Our firm is staffed by experienced employees & has the resources necessary to effectively advocate for the outcome you deserve.

Our firm has been in practice since 1965 & boasts decades of experience protecting the rights of injured workers.

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frequently asked questions ​

 Quite often, insurance companies give lowball offers to avoid paying out the full amount of compensation the injured person is owed. By working with an attorney, you can protect your rights under Florida law and obtain the full compensation to which you are entitled. Skilled personal injury attorneys can fight back against insurance companies and negotiate effectively to ensure that you do not accept an offer that’s less than what you deserve.

Most trial lawyers are willing to handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer will not charge you a fee for his/her time unless there is a recovery. If a recovery is made, then the attorney’s fee is based on an agreed percentage of the gross amount recovered. The lawyers at The Berman Law Group charge contingency fees in accordance with the Florida Supreme Court guidelines, typically 33-1/3% in a case that is settled before the need for a lawsuit arises, and 40% when a lawsuit becomes necessary and is contested. The contingent attorney’s fee does not include the costs of pursuing a claim, which may range from just a few hundred dollars to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. These costs are payable separately and not as a part of the contingent fee. Although many law firms may require you to pay these costs in advance, at The Berman Law Group we understand that the consequences of an injury make it difficult, if not impossible, for our clients to advance the costs of a case. In most cases, we pay the costs, and simply ask to be reimbursed at the conclusion of a case when your recovery is received.

 Typically, you will not have to provide any up-front payments. The majority of cases we handle are on a contingency basis, which means you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. Only in certain circumstances will we provide representation on an hourly basis.

It can be quite expensive to pursue a personal injury claim effectively, so we understand your hesitations about the costs. At The Berman Law Group, we are able to pay the out-of-pocket costs needed to build a strong case and prepare for trial. Out-of-pocket expenses will be returned to us from your award if we recover damages for you.

It’s impossible to say because every case is valued differently. Before we can determine the value of any claim, we must carefully assess the circumstances and investigate the details of the accident. Be wary of any firm that promises to accurately value your claim before conducting an investigation.

Most injury claims never make it to trial and are settled before you even need to file a lawsuit. Additionally, the decision to file a lawsuit is entirely your own. At The Berman Law Group, we fight hard to reach a favorable settlement to help our clients avoid the stress and expense of going to trial.

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Our firm has been in operation since 1965, meaning we have extensive experience with even the most complicated and difficult cases. With experienced attorneys, we are also able to offer our clients the responsiveness and resources of a larger firm while keeping the needs and goals of the individual in mind. We proudly offer services in Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese, in addition to English, to ensure that nothing stands in the way of you receiving the legal counsel you deserve. Our team is prepared to aggressively pursue the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

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