Learn and develop Christ-centered leadership

Are you looking to create a healthy, welcoming church culture?

Want to help more people find and live in Christ’s teachings?

Freedom to Lead has created a Christ-centered leadership certificate to help you achieve exactly this!

With over 20 hours of content, this certificate is designed for pastors, elders, deacons, or anyone who is currently a leader or wants to take a leadership role in their local church.

What you will learn in the certificate

The certificate takes you through four courses on how to be a Christ-centered leader. You will learn how to:

Whether you’re looking for a refresher course or want to start your path in Christ-centered leadership: sign up to enroll in the program today!

What it means to be a Christ-centered leader

A Christ-centered leader is one who seeks to show the care towards others that Jesus did; and to live by his teachings. To be this leader is to be bold, steadfast and make sure others know they are valued and cared for.

After all, Jesus’s leadership style wasn’t one of control or power. His leadership was about building self-worth and character.

This leadership style is about helping people not only embrace their faith, but also helping them embrace all that God created them to be.

Leaders who live, talk, act in this way inspire others to walk in their calling with unfettered authenticity and the spirit of God.
Does this sound like you?

Freedom to Leads certificate course is ready and waiting to help you become a Christ-centered leader

Freedom to Lead has developed a Leadership Certificate through biblicaltraining.org. You can learn more about the certificate program on Biblical Training’s website.

Start your path in Christ-centered leadership:
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