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You’ve heard that it takes a Village to raise a child… But did you know that it also takes a Village to grow and run a successful business? To facilitate this process, we’re committed to providing a platform we believe will enable us to do so.

We desire Our Villagers to raise their children without fear. We believe Villagers who commit, will cultivate solid and unshakable foundations providing an economic base that will support their children as well as their communities. Our intention is to restore integrity, honor, and purpose within our communities by cultivating a climate of excellence using the following three simple steps:


Financial Literacy

Cultural Reciprocity


Our studies indicate that people prefer to patronize people they like or connect with. We believe Our Village is the perfect conduit to connect people and businesses to enable communities to prosper!

Financial Illiteracy:

The definition of Financial Illiteracy is having money and not knowing how to spend it, thus causing many to end up in trouble. Many of us have never been taught how money really works, especially in business. Sure, we can open a bank account and even balance a checkbook, but do we really understand that money is a tool, that when used properly, can help many people obtain wealth!

Cultural Reciprocity:

At Our Village we believe in Cultural Reciprocity. This simply means that we spend our hard-earned dollars with each other. Our Marketplace connects People and Businesses who desire excellent products and services while enabling our communities to prosper. Both Businesses and Villagers join Our Village Marketplace for FREE. Businesses showcase their products and services and Our Villagers support them. Everybody wins!

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