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Considerations: Most Mortgage Insurance from a bank, credit union, or mortgage broker: Term Insurance through a Canadian Life Insurer:
Do I own the policy? No, the lending institution holds the contract with the insurance carrier? Yes
Can I choose my beneficiary? No, the mortgage provider is the beneficiary Yes
Will I still have insurance if the mortgage is paid off? No Yes
Can I get non-smoker rates? No Yes
Does the death benefit change over time? Yes No
Can I change the plan if my needs change? No Yes, there are additional coverages that can be added or dropped, the coverage can be increased or decreased, and the plan can be made permanent.
If I change my lender, will I still have insurance coverage? (Is it portable) No, you would have to get coverage through the new lender. If your health has changed, you might not be eligible. Yes, whether you move, refinance, or change your lender, you keep your coverage.
Is the amount I pay guaranteed? No, your lender can change the rates of your policy at any time. Yes, your qualifying rate and renewal rate is guaranteed.
Is the amount I’m covered for guaranteed? No, your lender can change the policy at any time. Yes, the amount you apply and are approved for is guaranteed if the insurance is in force.
Can my beneficiaries use the proceeds for something other that the mortgage? No Yes, your beneficiary can use some or all the tax-free death benefit for other things like living expenses and other debts.

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