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Daniel Dilman jewelry is inspired by the designer’s exotic world travels and strong sense of culture. Dilman has taken inspiration from each new place he has visited, from the lush mountains of the Far East to the azure waters of South America. Looking to create a fresh take on a classic gem, the industry veteran channeled his creativity to craft a line of standout pearl jewelry that speaks to the simple yet sophisticated woman.

Though his designs are plentiful, Daniel Dilman is most celebrated for his signature lariat necklaces. Many of the necklaces are adjustable in length and made to be worn in several ways – and even as bracelets – thanks to the designer’s proprietary clasp. Dilman has expanded his collection to include wrap bracelets, cuffs, earrings, and other pieces that lend versatility and a contemporary feel. The designer combines unique pearl colors with diamonds, 18-karat gold, and other opulent materials to make a luxurious statement.

While a jewelry box can contain a hundred pieces, it is usually only a few that achieve constant wear, from work to socializing to black tie; Daniel Dilman jewelry embodies this philosophy.

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Medical students from at least 35 different countries.

High pass rates on licensing board examinations

American-based and equivalent MD degree Curriculum.

Practice in the United States, Canada, Dominica, India and all UN-member states

About Daniel

Through more than 30 years of jewelry industry experience, Daniel Dilman has earned his stellar reputation for pearl expertise among top global jewelers. Dilman started his journey at the young age of 22, when he entered his third-generation family business supplying loose pearls to renowned jewelry manufacturers and stores. After a decade of extensive fine jewelry training and strengthening his industry ties, Dilman spearheaded his own flourishing company, which led to the launch of his eponymous brand. Through his exquisite designs, Daniel Dilman expresses his passion for creating fresh, feminine and timeless jewelry for today’s cosmopolitan woman.

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