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Jamiel Peterson is an experienced immigration attorney who has successfully represented several clients across the world who are lawfully seeking United States immigration benefits.  Jamiel recognizes the difficulties, anxiety, and stress that people are faced with when dealing with the United States immigration system.  Jamiel understands that each client he represents expects him to be sympathetic and compassionate as he is presented with their immigration issue.  In every case, Jamiel develops a comprehensive plan and discusses legal strategies with clients in detail so that you can make informed decisions before submitting their case for an immigration benefit.  We cannot guarantee results ; however, Jamiel works tirelessly and utilizes the necessary resources, to the extent possible, in order to reach the best outcome for your case.

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I contacted Mr. Peterson for my immigration issues. He was very professional and told my the next steps towards resolving my issue. He was very polite and helpful to me. I would recommend his form for any immigration needs and will use him in the future.



 I called the firm about immigration in Kansas City. The office gave a lot of attention to my matter and seemed to listen well. Attorney Peterson was very nice. Overall, the firm was responsive and worked to get answers for people. I recommend this firm for your legal issues.



Working with Mr. Peterson was an excellent experience. He was very professional, patient, honest, prompt, a good listener and communicator. Mr. Peerson was very patient, when I called several times and he gave me so much information before I retained him, and for that I am eternally grateful. When I didn't know what to expect with my daughters case he gave me ways of how the case could go, that way I wasn't caught off guard in court with the judge's ruling (btw..it was a fair ruling). On court days Mr. Peterson was there about 30 minutes early (very prompt) and check to see if I had any questions and we went over what to expect. Mr. Peterson explained things very well and made sure I had a clear understanding. Working with Mr. Peterson put all my anxieties at ease, because he was working hard for my daughters case and kept me in the loop as well as my daughter. Thank you Mr. Peterson! You are worth your weight in gold.



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