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Voss Law Firm

“We have an outstanding track record of success here. We have the resources and experience to handle the largest, most complex cases. Clients and referring attorneys can be assured that we do not back down in the face of adversity. The tougher and bigger the opposition, the better for our law firm; we get completely fired up for a good legal battle. Those are the type of employees that I have assembled here, ones that are going to fight hard for our clients. We wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

Bill Voss, Founder


Time to Achieve Your Dreams

Accredited and Most Affordable Caribbean Medical School


Over 1000

Medical students from at least 35 different countries.

High pass rates on licensing board examinations

American-based and equivalent MD degree Curriculum.

Practice in the United States, Canada, Dominica, India and all UN-member states


We Begin Work on Your Case Immediately

Jamiel Peterson is an experienced immigration attorney who has successfully represented several clients across the world who are lawfully seeking United States immigration benefits.  Jamiel recognizes the difficulties, anxiety, and stress that people are faced with when dealing with the United States immigration system.  Jamiel understands that each client he represents expects him to be sympathetic and compassionate as he is presented with their immigration issue.  In every case, Jamiel develops a comprehensive plan and discusses legal strategies with clients in detail so that you can make informed decisions before submitting their case for an immigration benefit.  We cannot guarantee results ; however, Jamiel works tirelessly and utilizes the necessary resources, to the extent possible, in order to reach the best outcome for your case.


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About Harry Blunt

Harry Blunt is an accomplished and multifaceted marketing director with over twenty-five years of demonstrated success in creating new business for a broad range of technologies, industries, and audiences, successfully leveraging the PCM methodology.

Harry has held roles in major account sales, marketing, product development, sales management, new business commercialization, and field marketing, and has worked for multinational corporations as well as smaller firms. His work experience includes being a small business owner and working as a marketing consultant.

He has a passion for innovation and understanding the processes and audiences impacting product choices and business outcomes. Harry currently offers contract marketing services to B2B companies through his company Process-Centric Marketing LLC.


For Men

Feeling tired, low sex drive, lack of sleep, can’t lose weight? Your body needs to keep up with your mind and if you are held back by some health issues, your focus is affected. We help men gain back the confidence to take on the world by making sure your body is balanced. Health is wealth and you deserve to be wealthy!

Take the quiz to find out if your body needs optimizing!


Geraint Liu is a Vice President and Investment Strategist at one of the most successful wealth consulting groups in Singapore.

Coach, speaker, and mentor to financial advisors, Geraint specializes in training and coaching these aspiring individuals in the financial services industry to create business breakthroughs and powerful wealth transformations across Singapore.

A qualifying member of the globally recognized Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Association, Geraint stands among the Top 5 % of Financial Professionals in the world as he qualified for numerous accreditations like MDRT, Top Rookie, Premier Award and President Award.


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Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Here Are Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients!

I paid off my mortgage and now I’m debt-free in less than a year, thanks to the App-Squad team.

The team at App Squad walked me through every step of the process. And for less money than a couple of months worth of car payments, my gaming app is generating thousands of installs and thousands of dollars a month in revenue.

Mike S. from Redondo Beach, CA

I was quoted 6 months for development from another company but App Squad had it done and live in 30 days… and for thousands less.

Using ASO marketing techniques exponentially increases your chances of gaining more installs, which means more revenue.

Michelle B. from Ashtabula, OH


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I am an amateur

I don't pretend to know everything

But one thing I do know is that it's easy to copy success.

So I have two sets of rules

In someways I'm like Dr jekyll and Hyde


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Nearly 15 years ago, we co-founded Regal Construction & Remodeling because we wanted to provide unbeatable service to families who are investing in their future and their homes. Our greatest achievements as a team and our strong, positive reputation stem from our commitment to caring about each and every client.

- Sean & Udi Aichel



The Dentists

Traveling to separate dental offices can drain your valuable time and breed frustration – so why not trust in just one capable team of experts instead? At ProSmiles Dental & Orthodontics, our doctors’ clinical skills and passions cover a comprehensive variety of services, from essential family care to state-of-the-art dental implants to stunning cosmetic makeovers. We even offer specialty care like comprehensive orthodontics and wisdom tooth removal! Rest assured that you’re in the very best of hands here in Fort Worth, TX.


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