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Sell house fast in any condition. No repairs and cleaning. Sell house fast for cash, no commission, fees, or realtor needed. Read our article about buying ugly houses.

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Steps to Purchase

Provide your info

Provide us with your name, email address, and phone contacts by filling out a small form. We will contact you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. You could also give us a call to establish the way forward.

Receive a cash offer

From the provided info, we will ca, text, or email you following your preference. The discussion takes a few minutes, during which we will ask questions to understand the house you intend to sell fast for cash. After an evaluation, we will present a cash offer, which, if you prefer, could be followed by a site visit.

Close the deal

If you accept our cash offer, our friendly and experienced coordinator will take you through the process until it is closed. Unlike listing that could mean waiting for months, we close the deals fast as we cut the middle man. This allows you to choose the closing date without incurring fees and commission, as is the case if you opt to hire a realtor.


“I enjoyed the hassle-free process after contacting House4Cash. The sale was fast and smooth, and the interaction was friendly and professional. We managed to close the deal faster than I expected. I loved the experience!”


James Williams

“After landing a job offer, I was looking to sell my house quickly. After contacting House4Cash, it took a few minutes to get the valuation. The site visit was scheduled within 48 hours, and within 40 days, we had closed the deal at a fair price. I enjoyed how thorough and supportive the team was. Thank you”


Harley Foster

“I enjoyed the hassle-free process after contacting House4Cash. The sale was fast and smooth, and the interaction was friendly and professional. We managed to close the deal faster than I expected. I loved the experience!”


James Williams

Inherited a House

Holding on to an inherited house can be costly, especially noting the taxes, repairs, and maintenance, among other expenses. With our services, you can comfortably sell house fast as we have ready cash and avoid the hassles of dealing with openings, closing costs, realtors’ fees, among other concerns involved in the process.

Too Many Costly Repairs

Raising enough cash to finance costly repairs can be quite hectic. What’s more, the repair costs might not be recovered when you list the property in the competitive market. We buy houses as-is, helping you fast-track the process, get cash, and carry on with your routine with minimum interruptions.

Hoarder Houses

Cleaning and decluttering a hoarder house to list it in the market can be time consuming and expensive. Hiring a cleaning service, for instance, might dig deeper into your pockets, take time to clear the clutter, and necessitate repairs to ensure the house is habitable.

Tired of Being a Landlord

Landlording isn’t a walk in the park. Rogue and irresponsible tenants can give you quite a headache. This could affect your house’s value and cost you a lot more as you struggle to cater to the repairs and maintenance. Evictions aren’t easy either, and as you work to ensure you are in adherence to your state’s laws, such a property can be stressful.

Behind on Payments

Foreclosure consequences are devastating. Don’t let it ruin the credit score that you’ve worked so hard to maintain. With our services, you can sell house fast for cash, raise the required balance, and avoid foreclosure consequences.

Need To Relocate

Circumstances such as exciting job opportunities could mean that you have to relocate. Following up on your house sale, however, could affect your productivity. Even with an agent, the sale could take longer than expected. We buy houses fast and for cash, allowing you to concentrate on your new opportunities.

Why sell your house fast for cash?

We buy houses fast as-is, and with ready cash, you not only get a chance to speed up the process but avoid the hoops property owners have to jump before closing the sale.

If you sell house fast for cash, you won’t have to deal with concerns such as inspections, house openings, or waiting for the right offer to come along. You won’t also have to get your hands dirty with concerns such as repairs and cleaning to stage your house and attract more offers.

We help you offload a troublesome property.

Struggling to repair and sell inherited houses, properties occupied by irresponsible tenants, and those that haven’t been occupied for a while can be challenging.

We offer a win-win service, as we take such properties off your hands at a fair value. We evaluate your house’s value by comparing it against similar properties that have recently been sold as-is in your neighborhood, ensuring that you get a fair offer. We don’t approach you with a low-ball offer as we aim to take the troublesome property off your shoulders and, in the process, score a good investment opportunity.


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