Geraint Liu is a Vice President and Investment Strategist at one of the most successful wealth consulting groups in Singapore.

Coach, speaker, and mentor to financial advisors, Geraint specializes in training and coaching these aspiring individuals in the financial services industry to create business breakthroughs and powerful wealth transformations across Singapore.

A qualifying member of the globally recognized Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Association, Geraint stands among the Top 5 % of Financial Professionals in the world as he qualified for numerous accreditations like MDRT, Top Rookie, Premier Award and President Award.

To enable aspiring Financial Advisors achieve an accelerated head start in life, Geraint has since published an e-book Be The Light which reveals the proven branding and marketing ideas and strategies adopted from the best success coaches in the region.

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How I started my journey

When I was in National Service, I thought to myself, what should I do with my career.

I graduated with a Diploma in Tourism and worked at various jobs before, from F&B to retail to admin, but none of them gave me the satisfaction I was looking for.

I wanted to escape the rat race, and be financially free, relaxing by the beach with passive income coming in, but I didn’t know how.

Then I began to read up on how to become financially free, and I realized there were only 2 ways, either investments or start a business.

I thought to myself, why not both.

I first delved into the world of investments, reading up anything I could find about the financial markets, stocks and other forms of investments and I began investing in stocks myself.

I first thought of maybe getting a stable job, minimize my expenses and fund the rest into investments.

After about 2 years of investing, I realize that if your investment capital is small, no matter how much returns you make, you will still make a small amount.

That’s when I realized, if I wanted a huge stream of passive income, I needed huge capital, and to get huge capital, I needed a huge active income. And earning huge active income was impossible if I were to were to run the rat race.

I needed to start a business, a business that requires little to no capital, but has huge returns, and that was when I ventured into Financial Services.
Time freedom and financial freedom was what I was after when I entered the financial services, but I had a rude shock.

I was spending a lot more time and earning a lot lesser than my peers when I entered the financial services industry.

But I still stayed because the longer I stayed, the more meaningful this career became.

The longer I stayed, the more families I witness who were suffering from poor financial decisions.

I myself didn’t have to look far. My family and I had lost 6 figures as we trusted the wrong people with our investments.

Joining and staying in this industry was no longer about my time and financial freedom, but it became more of a duty to serve and help families who were facing financial difficulties and preventing other families from following the same footsteps and making the same mistakes.


Why became a mentor?

The first 2 years of my career was tough. I was told to do cold prospecting methods to find my clients like Cold calling, roadshows, door knocking and street canvassing.

I was putting in close to 10 hours of prospecting hours a day, but I would get no results.
In fact, I only earned $9,000 in my first 2 years.

Yet, I continued to stay because of the meaning and purpose I found in this career. I just needed a different business model that would work for me.

I decided to explore other methods of prospecting, that’s when I found my mentor that was teaching other financial advisors on how to create a referral based business model.

I applied his strategy and everything just took off.

I also ventured into social media branding and doing webinars/seminars.
And that shifted mindset about this whole industry.

After finding various mentors inside and outside the company, I managed to achieve my MDRT in just 10 months, and my second MDRT in 6 months.

When I looked around, many advisors are still struggling and stagnating in their industries.

That is why I’ve decided to coach and mentor aspiring advisors so they don’t have to go through what I went through and so that I’m able to impact more lives too.

I hope to groom a new breed of advisors, advisors who are not just focused on closing the sale, but advisors who are professional, competent and caring.

Advisors who are highly respected and sought after by the public.


I really appreciate that Geraint would checking in on me every now and then. I really enjoyed being under his mentorship. With his teaching and guidance, he has helped me stay excited and enthusiastic for his weekly coaching sessions! I look forward to learning from you! Thanks Geraint!



Thank you Geraint for taking time out to give me your insights and feedback on the problems that I have faced. It was interesting learning from you the soft skills side of our job especially since that it is my weak point.
I liked that Geraint taught me different personality types of prospects and how to respond to them. He also taught me how to ask the right questions at the right time.
Thanks for being awesome Geraint!



Geraint has been an efficient leader. He is a mentor that will patiently answer any queries that have been asked regardless of how taxing it is to answer for him.
Geraint will also spare his own time in order to enlighten the rest of his clients and prospects on his valuable insights on investment and would always show enough care and concern for his prospects and friends by sending out new government initiatives regarding the COVID situation.
For people with spare cash on hand that are looking to invest in the market, he has also drafted out how to do personal investing and what are some options that investors can invest in. Thanks Geraint!



Being a new advisor in the industry, I liked that Geraint shared and guided me with insights, theories and tips to selling professionally. Not only that, I have learnt from him that it is very important to build relationship with our clients and not just focus on sales transactions. Those knowledge and practical skills have definitely helped me to perform better in my business.



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