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Our objective is to bring justice to these fraudsters and return lost funds to their rightful owners. Every day thousands of people fall victim to trading scams and we're here to help our clients get their funds back! We've helped thousands of victims around the globe retrieve stolen money from perpetrators and we are more than welcome to help you get back on track

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Funds Back LTD was established mainly to fight Online Trading Scams,

Such as Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, Forex, CFDs and to help our clients to claim their funds back from these fraudsters.

Online Trading Scams usually take advantage of the inexperienced and of those who want to generate money online, However, instead of helping them to trade and to make profit, they lie and manipulate them in to putting money on the platform with no returns, and even blocking them from withdrawing their own Investment. Click here to receive free consultation and see if you are eligible in recovering your funds back!

Money recovered on 2020

$2,540,210 USD


New clients a Month


Free Consultation


days to resolve a case


Funds Back did a magnificent job helping me recover my invested money; after my trading account was abusively mishandled. Highly recommend using their straightforward and highly efficient service; worth every dollar charged.


Chaz B.

With the help of Funds Back I was able to get my money back from scam trading company. It may have taken several months but Funds Back never gave up, her professionalism and tenacity cannot be faulted. Thank you so much for fighting my corner Funds Back , you are an absolute treasure.


Ray S.

I ve been recently scamed from several companies, and i have reached out to Funds Back , and there service has been very profesional and reliable so far. I would suggest Funds Back to everyone who has been scamed.


Richard P.

Funds Back Provides free consultations to all prospective clients. Chargeback, Wire Transfer and other sorts of recovery affairs contracted thereafter are subject to retainers, fees and/ or commissions depending on the case history and the service selected. All actions taken from information found on this website (, is strictly at your own risk.

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