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About Us

First Home Resolution Group was founded by people passionate about helping people and forcing lenders to play by the rules. Are strategies are vast but one simple rule lays the foundation for it all: Protect homeowners and put pressure on lenders who are breaking the rules intentionally or not.

We’ve customized a playbook over years of experience that forces your lender to play by the rules. Your lender has vast resources, and doesn’t care about the rules. You need someone who can hold them accountable. Our solutions offer an alternative to a long and costly court battle which is what the lenders count on to keep you from being treated fairly. It’s sad, but most lenders don’t have their customers best interest at heart. We work only for our clients, against their lenders, to get them what the rules and regulations say they deserve. We’re creative with our solutions, and we’re tenacious. That’s how we get things done.

If you are in default or foreclosure you have options

We speak to people every day in a variety of situations from late payments, missed payments, to being in default or foreclosure. We will give you an honest assessment of what is your best course of action.

Foreclosure Options

We partner with attorney’s and Other debt professionals To provide options to you to Defend against foreclosure And give you a chance to get current on your mortgage

Reinstatement of Mortgage

Now more than ever lenders Are expected to help homeowners Who have fallen behind. Loan workout Programs are available from lenders and services, But it can be difficult to get help on your own.


We partner with top organizations That can let you know what if any Options you have to refinance. You must Meet income, credit, and equity guidelines to Be eligible for refinance.

Just a few of the lenders we’ve worked with.


These guys were pros from the moment I spoke to them. They helped me go through the mountains of issues I had with my mortgage and through their hard work I was able to get current on my payments. No more harassing phone calls and my family and me finally feel safe again. 100% recommend them to anyone facing the same kind of problems.


I tried a couple of times to complete a modification on my own through the bank and an attorney, in both instances the bank told me that I could handle the mortgage and did not assist me in anyway other then place the amount of funds that had occurred since the waiting in a decision about the modification being approved. The attorney would not even speak to me and the technician that was on the case could. Or answer any questions. I remembered that I spoke to Steven at Consumer Proponents and decided to go with the attorney because I had good results years earlier, but not this time. Since the phone call to hire Consumers Proponents I have had no regrets. Steven encouraged me, he defended me and fought for me. I am grateful to Consumer Proponents and Steven for assisting me with saving my home of 14 years. They even intervened after the modification was approved when the bank sent the wrong wording on legal documents. I am so grateful and would recommend Consumers Proponents to anyone. Thank You Steven and Consumer Proponents.


To whome it may concern. This review comes in appreciation for the great work that Mr.Carson provided for my family and I in keeping our home. Starting in September 2019 Mr. Carson worked tirelessly for us to stay in the house. After ten months of fighting on our behalf we were able to re- claim our home thanks for the efforts of Mr. Carson. We not only had to keep sending the mortgage company information, we were placed in foreclosure. However, that did not detor Mr. Carson from the promise that he made to us that we would keep our home. His service to us was 100 percent professional and done with care. Thank you Mr. Carson for the outstanding work that you did for us. May God bless your efforts in all that you going forth, for you have been a blessing to this family. Again Thanks Aurelia and Richard F. Thank You Steven and Consumer Proponents.


These guys are really pros! I wasn't sure what I was going to get since I had worked with a place called RE Law Firm in the past, but this was a happy surprise. Not only am I now current on my mortgage, but my payment is actually a little lower. Not a lot, but it's not nothing either. 5 stars all the way.


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We want consumers to be informed and make appropriate decisions. We are a for-profit company that fully follows MARS guidelines and we will charge a fee at the completion of our services. These programs are available for free with various government entities and through your loan servicer as well. If you do not want to work with a For-Profit company contact your lender or servicer directly and see what options are available to you. 187 E. Warm Springs Rd. Suite B313, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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