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Turn your love for bundles and wigs into a profitable hair business.

See how I turned my passion for hair into a profit, I went from a

“Bundle babe to wig boss”

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Here’s what will be discussed:

Structuring your business properly

Knowing which products your selling

Budgeting for
your business


Even during quarantine, my hair business continued to be profitable.

Who is the wig coach?

Evoni Ayanna Seigler aka The Wig Coach, believes in creating a life you desire by seeking out your passion. As a certified life coach and motivational speaker, Evoni uses her platform to encourages hair lovers around the world to bath in positivity, growth and beauty. As the founder and CEO of Eafbeauty, LLC, she has gained entrepreneurial expertise and business leadership knowledge and strategic intelligence that transforms people and organizations to create powerful results and profitable online hair businesses.

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