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Electrical services need to be done with the highest level of precision and accuracy: otherwise, things can go haywire. Luckily, RST Electrical has both the expertise and technical skills to nail your project in one go. No errors and no faults: just pure optimum service delivered on time, within your budget.

We are a high-quality certified full service electrical company, bonded and insured to guarantee you a safe and secure remodeling of your space. Our team is powered by some of the most experienced electrical contractors in Vancouver, bringing together top-notch professionalism and knowledge to crush your electrical needs in one shot:

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Residential Services:

Your home deserves the best electrical makeover there is. Let us recharge your residence with our built-to-last electrical services that secure you the results you need on time and designed for consistency. From flawless panel changes, complete service upgrades, up-to-par renovations, and seamless electrical installations to full home electrical inspections, easy installment of smoke detectors and more, RST has got you covered.

Commercial Services:

Taking care of a business’ electrical needs in Vancouver can be challenging. With RST, it doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of our high-powered electrical skills and expertise to secure both the advice and the results you need to take your electrical project to the next level. Sound property maintenance consultancy and bespoke solutions, superb outdoor lighting, standard tenant refurbishments, quick lighting/ballast replacements and more: count on RST Electrical to bring you the services you need.

Industrial Services:

Large-scale industrial electrical services requires the know-how of a reputable team that’ll get the job done right the first time. RST is poised to do so. We cover all the essential services you need to stay on top of your industrial site. From comprehensive troubleshooting to careful motor wiring/hookups and more, our team of expert professionals will power up your project in a flash.

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RST Electric’s Service Guarantee We want our customers to be satisfied with their choice in RST Electrical, every step of the way. Our goal is to provide you with consistent, superior customer service and an unforgettable experience.


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Residential Services

Commercial Services

Industrial Services

Supreme Electricians: Electrifying Results

Charge Up Your Next Electrical Project With RST Electrical

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Industrial Services

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You demand the best. RST Electrical group is imitated but not equaled. Now is the best moment for you to reach out for a free estimate from the dependable Electrician in Vancouver. Call us today to get your free on-call estimates for all your electrical installation and repair needs.

Electrician in Vancouver, BC:

You bet! It's easy to see that the RST Electrical Group is a genuine and authoritative Electrician in Vancouver. We offer you high quality industrial, residential, and commercial services at an affordable price. As the most trusted Vancouver Electrician, RST Electrical Group has zero-tolerance for errors and faults, and we have all the necessary expertise and technical skills to accomplish your projects. We always deliver work within the agreed time and your budget.

We have a ton of experience that entails routine, such as facility maintenance and operational upgrades. If you need assistance with your residential, commercial, or industrial electrical needs, call us today. You have nothing to lose with us.


Residential Electricians

Did you know that we are the most unstoppable Residential Electrician in Vancouver? RST Electrical Group understands that your home deserves the ultimate best electrical makeover, more than mere words can explain. We expect you to entrust us with recharging your residence with our built-to-last electrical services that provide you with incredible lighting in your living space and is designed to enhance consistency. We are the best Electrician in Vancouver responsible for completing service upgrades, such as up-to-par renovations, perform flawless panel changes, seamless electrical installations, full home electrical inspections, swift installation of smoke detectors, and other kinds of services.

Our top-notch electricians are ready to assist you with several electrical problems you may experience at your home. Our team can do it all, from electrical safety checkups and wiring to electrical panel upgrades and ceiling fan installations. We can also install electric car chargers at your home. We are ready to prove everything that we claim.


electrical services


electrical services


electrical services

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