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Meet Dominic Majors, The DuneLawyer

Equally at ease fiercely representing clients in court, or simply shredding the dunes.

Who Is Dominic Majors?

“People who have seen me in court often describe me as a meticulous orator who is borderline aggressive when representing clients. I like to describe myself as a man on a mission, driven by the desire to provide my clients with measurable results.”

Attorney Dominic Majors, also known as the DuneLawyer, is a licensed attorney in the state of Arizona and Washington and a graduate Juris Doctor (J.D) from the Arizona Summit Law School. He is the Managing Attorney at Majors Law Group and has had a legal career spanning over eleven years.
Before the establishment of Majors Law Group in 2019, Dominic Majors worked for several prestigious consumer law firms in Arizona, and throughout his career, he has assisted those in need of a bankruptcy attorney or accident lawyer in Arizona and Washington.
What drives Dominic Majors is not only his passion for law which made him kickstart his legal career in high school after he had resolved to become a successful attorney at all costs. He is also driven by the unwavering support of his family and the desire to help as many people as he can in Washington, and Arizona, through Majors Law Group.

How Dominic Majors Helps People Through His Practice

“My clients’ satisfaction is the measure of my success as an attorney and I always work hard to provide them with the highest quality legal representation.”

Personal Injury

Dominic Majors gives representation to the people of Arizona and Washington as a personal injury lawyer and he dedicates himself to helping people get the compensation they deserve.


As a bankruptcy attorney, Dominic Majors does everything he can to protect his clients, eliminate their debts and get them a fresh start.

Beyond The Courtroom and Majors Law Group

“The name DuneLawyer was derived from my two passions combined, being a successful lawyer and riding my side-by-side UTV in the dunes.”

If you do not find Attorney Dominic Majors wearing his suit and getting ready for his next case, you will most certainly find him in the desert, reveling in the feeling of riding the dunes of Arizona in his favorite side-by-side. Dominic Majors is an adventurer at heart and enjoys pushing himself to the limit. Who says a personal injury lawyer can’t have fun too?

In addition to unwinding and destressing, Dominic Majors sees duning as a great way to improve focus and his decision-making capabilities as it requires a certain level of skill and mental speed, making him more productive and capable of producing better results.


Serving The Community

“Kindness goes beyond the giving and selfless acts; it is a rewarding experience that makes a positive difference in the lives of those you touch and yours.”

Dominic Majors has always been passionate about helping people and this passion goes beyond the confines of the courtroom and his work at Majors Law Group. He has volunteered as a Witness for Wills at the Wills for Heroes Foundation where he would draft estate planning documents for public service members including police officers, firefighters, EMT personnel, and more alongside his colleagues. Due to his hard work and dedication to helping people who cannot afford legal representation, he has earned recognition for his pro bono work in Arizona.

In the past, Dominic Majors volunteered as “a Friend of the Court” at Pro Se’ Debtor Reaffirmations Hearings. He also works in collaboration with various local organizations such as State 48 and often donates apparel to the members of the community who need it.

Apart from legal voluntary work, Dominic Majors is also passionate about supporting his local Little League Recreational Baseball Clubs. He also loves uplifting the youth, and actively participates in in supporting local youth sports, including donations and work in kind to the Chandler American Little League and similar organizations.

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Looking for a bankruptcy attorney or a personal injury lawyer in Washington and Arizona? Attorney Dominic Majors and the Majors Law Group team are ready to represent your interests in your bankruptcy or personal injury case. To get started, you can connect with Dominic Majors or Majors Law Group directly by filling in the contact form below. A Majors Law Group representative will get in touch with you soon.

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