Powerdrops® is based in the USA and will launch in the Fall of 2020

At Powerdrops®, we are a direct to consumer wellness company on a mission to inspire our customers to be their best from the inside out. We have developed a range of dietary/herbal supplements born from a desire to make products that we want to see in the world and for ourselves.

Powerdrops® portfolio of products will be sold exclusively on Instagram and via our dedicated e-commerce website

responding to the demand for chic, beautifully presented, direct to consumer supplements products that are available online and that resonate with the new breed of wellness consumers. We are launching with the Powerdrops® hero Immunity product, with four other products in our formulation pipeline, harnessing the power of indigenous herbs sourced from Morocco by our 5th generation Herboriste/Apothecarist.

Our Immunity Formulation was in development

prior to the pandemic and its impact across the USA and around the world has made us even more invigorated and inspired to push forward in the launch of our business, particularly when we

A core tenet of our business model is Powerdrops® Global Give-Back Commitment,

which ensures that a percentage of our profits are donated to global education and economic empowerment initiatives around the world. Powerdrops will emerge as a thriving, innovative business that will be on track to become a popular and trusted retailer of an all- natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, embracing on-trend branding and our passionate advocacy for the power of plants and natural wellness.

Powerdrops® will appeal to long-time supplement advocates,

natural health enthusiasts, fitness consumers, and those who are just discovering the benefits of new and innovative supplements for the first time, offering our consumers natural wellbeing at their fingertips. At Power Drops, we truly believe in the potential of plants and herbs as a natural and holistic way to support and maintain wellbeing, and our aim is to continue to engage with our community and to educate our customers about the natural healing properties of our amazing active ingredients.

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