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Medical Center Clinic is the premier specialty group in the Panhandle area, owned and led by physicians, so we understand your needs and your priorities. We have structured the group so that financially, we operate like a collection of single specialty groups, but with the collegial support and ancillary services of a multi-disciplinary group.

In Pensacola, you can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. Our beaches are sugar-white, and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide a multitude of recreational activities. Pensacola is a mid-sized community that offers the benefits of a large city, but without the big city hassles. We have great schools, a low cost-of-living and no state income tax. In addition, cultural amenities abound, such as the symphony, Broadway performances, art galleries, large-scale music festivals and more.

We provide Physicians of all specialties an ideal environment in which to grow their career. Our culture of mentorship, collegiality and respect for your unique contributions drives a quality-first, patient-centered approach across our integrated, coordinated healthcare system.

key features

In-house Histology Lab

In-house Phototherapy Center

Strong community presence with 3 locations in the Northwest Florida area (Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, and Milton)

100% Physician Owned

25+ specialties

75+ providers

Grounded in the community since 1938

500 medical professionals

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