Want your UTV to stand out with a custom UTV wrap?

UTVs are suited for any terrain or weather condition and are a great vehicle for off-road fanatics. Because of their proven reliability and toughness, Side-by-Sides are very popular in the off-road community. Why not stand out and customize your SxS UTV by finishing it with a custom design wrap kit?

At Custom SxS Wraps, we specialize in 100% custom UTV wrap kits to make your Side-by-Side reflect your unique style. Be sure that your off-road vehicle is the center of attention at the next race. Even before crossing the finish line, you have already won with our custom design kits!

100% custom UTV wrap kit

Because our wrap kits are a 100% custom design, the possibilities for your UTV are infinite. You can choose from any of wrap kit that fits you and your off-road vehicle. If you are not ready for a full body wrap kit, you can choose from our more subtle options, wraps designed for specific elements of your UTV.

We create multiple styles of 100% custom UTV wrap kits:

Full Body UTV Wrap Kit

At Custom SxS Wraps, we specialize in creating full body wrap kits for the most popular UTVs, Can-Am Maverick X3 and Polaris RZR Trail, but we are able to make full body wrap kits for almost any Side-by-Side on the market. A full body design kit includes wraps for the hood, the front fender, and the rear fender.

Door Wrap Kit

When you want to give a smaller personal touch to your UTV, you can choose to design a custom wrap kit for the doors of your UTV. With our refined technology, we can cut the high-quality vinyl to any size door, resulting in a perfect fit for your off-road vehicle.

Roof Wrap Kit

We also offer roof covering custom wrap kits for any model of Side-by-Side. Design your custom roof wrap to match door wraps, or create a unique, separate roof wrap to give your off-road vehicle a special and unique touch.

High quality vinyl wraps

The material of a vinyl wrap must be of the highest quality to make it last. Mud, dirt, rain, and stones will put the durability of the vinyl wrap to the test. You can only use high-quality materials if you want to guarantee the longevity of the wrap and create an enduring your UTV.

At Custom SxS Wraps, we use top-notch 21mm quality vinyl, as opposed to the 6mm vinyl that is used in the automotive sector. With 3.5x the thickness of a typical wrap, our custom wrap kits are engineered to last. We believe that nothing is uglier a partly damaged wrap. With Custom SxS Wraps, you can be sure that your custom wrap will look as good as new for a long, long time.

Strong adhesive power

The custom wrap kits of Custom SxS Wraps are user-friendly and easy to adhere yourself. With a clear instruction guide, you are instructed in a few simple steps to affix the wrap kit onto your UTV. The kit features strong, complex adhesive power that allows you to peel the wrap back and re-position until you reach the perfect alignment on your UTV. When heat is applied, the custom wrap will have permanent, long-lasting adhesion to your off-road vehicle.

Protect your investment

Another great benefit of high-quality materials applied by Custom SxS Wraps is that you can be sure your SxS UTV is covered at all times, protecting your investment. The impact of stones and gravel is reduced to a minimum due to the 21mm, thick protection shield. Your UTV will not suffer from dents, ensuring that your vehicle will stay pristine for a long time.

Easy to maintain

The custom wrap kits of Custom SxS Wraps are extremely easy to maintain. Dirt washes off easily, and the wrap will not lose its shine. Our custom UTV wraps are the best choice and highest quality, but also offer you the best value for the price.

Easy to install

At Custom SxS Wraps, we believe anyone can wrap a UTV themselves! Therefore, we have worked hard to produce an extremely descriptive guide, so you can install our custom wraps perfectly. When you follow our step-by-step guide, you will get professional results. Do not worry if you make a mistake; you can peel off and realign the wrap perfectly on your vehicle. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the alignment and heat is applied, the custom UTV wrap permanently adheres for a long-lasting affect.

Custom wraps for any recreation SxS UTVs

Our team at Custom SxS Wraps is, without a doubt, made up of off-road enthusiasts. We all have our own Side-bySides and custom-made wraps. We make custom UTV wraps daily for the extremely popular Can-Am Maverick and Polaris RZE Trail, but we are equipped to make custom UTV wraps for any brand of recreational UTV. Custom SxS Wraps is your go-to specialist for high-quality, custom UTV wraps.

Affordable wrap kits

Our services prove that Custom UTV wraps do not have to be expensive. We create affordable wrap kits for your UTV because we believe it is the best investment you can make for your off-road vehicle. Give your UTV a boost with your personal and unique style while protecting your Side-by-Side from unnecessary damage for a more than reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Order a custom UTV wrap now!

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