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Majors Law Group is Washington’s WA Trusted DUI law firm serving clients in Seattle, Kirkland, and beyond. When your future is at stake, you can trust Majors Law Group to get the best possible outcome so you can move on with your life.

How Our DUI Lawyers Help You Beat the Charges

Our DUI lawyers are poised to handle all of your DUI defense matters. When you’re faced with DUI charges, experience and results matter. Our X combined decades of experience fighting and beating DUI charges means we know what it takes to save you money and negotiate the dismissal of your DUI charges.

And beyond our legal experience, we see each client as a person, not a case or a criminal charge. Good people make mistakes.

You don’t have to handle your charges alone. We’ll help you navigate the legal options available to you and help you avoid costly mistakes that can lead to life-changing consequences.


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Why Choose Us?

10 Years of Legal Experience

We put our expertise to work for you to help keep you out of jail

Aggressive Defense Strategy

We fight hard for you because we know what’s at stake

Affordable Payment Plans

We believe everyone deserves access to a quality DUI attorney

Flexible Schedules

Your legal representation can’t wait. That’s why we’re available when you need us most.

Free Consultation

We’ll show you how we’re the best DUI attorneys to beat your charges


Fighting for You and Your Reputation

Our top-rated Washington DUI law firm puts you and your best interests first. We fiercely advocate for our clients and use every resource at our disposal to help you avoid jail time, save money, keep your license, and even get your charges dismissed.

Our track record of success makes us the most trusted DUI attorneys across Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, and Renton. When your future is at stake and you’re facing life-changing consequences, you can be sure Majors Law Group will fight to win for you.

What to Do When You’ve Been Charged with a DUI

Hiring an attorney can help you avoid headaches and making missteps that can cost you your money, license, time, reputation, and freedom. By securing an attorney immediately, you get your best shot at beating your DUI charges.

A DUI attorney can walk you through the court process, prepare you for what to expect, and ensure you don’t miss critical deadlines. Our Washington DUI legal team is ready to answer your questions with a free consultation.

Majors Law Group will give you all the necessary information to help successfully defend you against your DUI charge. We will meet with you and answer all your questions to develop a customized DUI defense strategy for you.


Charged with a DUI?

We see the person behind the charges. We’re here to fight for you.

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